The company was founded in 1936, starting with production of a combined assortment of military and civilian firearms.  The first products were anti-aircraft machine guns, military pistols and smallbore rifles.  The current line of Ceska zbrojovka products includes sporting and hunting firearms, as well as duty weapons for armed forces, police and other armed units.  Common features of all firearms manufactured by Ceska zbrojovka are their high quality standard, long-term reliability and accuracy.

Ceska zbrojovka is today rated as one of the world's biggest producers of firearms.  More than 80 per cent of its production is exported to over one hundred countries worldwide.  The first-rate properties and performance of its firearms give Ceska zbrojovka its excellent reputation, in both domestic and international markets.  Significant successes reached by CZ-team sport shooters, which traditionally achieve the highest awards at the highest level of competition, only enhance our world renowned brand name.

The purchase of state-of-the-art technologies, together with more than seventy years of industrial production experience, outstanding workmanship and the skill of its employees, enables this company to expand its activities to other branches of engineering, predominantly in the production of components designed for automobile and aircraft industry.