At Lanber we enjoy hunting and competition, and this is reflected in every one of our shotguns.  We know what we are doing because we participate in the different sports, because we are true enthusiasts, and that's why we are so demanding with our over and under and repeater shotguns.  We know what an enthusiast wants from his gun and we provide it, from the best price-quality relationship to the best performance and features.

The new range of Lanber over and under and repeater shotguns is distinguished by the prestige and quality of a brand which has earned internationally acknowledged trust.  Since it was created, Lanber has always been in constant evolution.  Each one of its models bears the seal and experience of its master craftsmen and the expertise of specialists in new technologies, thereby making it possible to achieve exclusive designs unequalled in performance and reliability.

With meticulous selection of the materials used, the expert design and development of each mechanism and every part having passed numerous quality controls the perfection of each shotgun is ensured.

Each shotgun is treated as if it were a unique, exclusive model and, as a result, great care is taken over every detail, without exception.  Lanber has a commitment to quality which is indisputable, and the level of perfection it insists on in the entire manufacturing process for its over and under and repeater shotguns has made it into a brand that users trust.